Do you have a child with a disability or care for somebody with a disability? Elephant in the room has a range of services that help you support individuals with a disability.

Mealtime Assessmentdisabled woman with carer in garden

Does the individual you’re supporting have trouble with eating and drinking or do they have behaviours at mealtime? Our Speech Pathologists can provide a comprehensive mealtime assessment or review and provide you with a mealtime plan to ensure the individual is as safe as possible for eating and drinking.

Person Centred Planning (PCP)

Our trainers can provide instruction in Person Centred Planning using a variety of tools. We can also provide individual person centred planning for the individual and their circle of support.

Parents as Case Coordinators (PACC)

This program empowers you as the carer to be your own case manager. It helps you build case management skills and support networks.

Behaviour Consultation

We can provide you with a functional behaviour and communication assessment providing function and goal-oriented recommendations to trial within your home.


Portrait of beautiful girl on the playgroundAugmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Assessment

With over 10 years experience in the disability field our speech pathologists can provide you with a comprehensive communication assessment and support you to implement an AAC system for your child/guardian.


If you would like the person you care for to be able to be more independent around the home and in the community we can provide assessment and intervention to develop their skills for independence. Including money management, household chores, personal care and meal planning.


Our sexuality trainers specialise in providing assessment and evidence based information and education to clients with a disability, families and carers around relationships, safe sex, sexual identity, sexual health and lots more.

For more detailed information on the services we provide please look at our Services page.