We can provide:

  • Training and education for service providers
  • Provide opportunities to develop and maintain meaningful relationships
  • Reports/programming for skill development for relationships and/or sexuality
  • Assess sexual knowledge
  • Living skills assessment
  • Assistance with individual skill development
  • Co-ordination of transdisciplinary early childhood intervention
  • Individual assessment and support by a nurse on wound management, tube feeding, diabetes, continence, managing medications, epilepsy and menstruation.


Training in life skills is one of the significant interventions for people with intellectual difficulties and they are more likely than their age related peers to require extra support to carry out everyday activities.

While others may learn household tasks by watching their parents or carers, people with intellectual disability may require more step by step methods to help them learn tasks. Our training consultants can assist your child, family or service to develop strategies to expand or improve their living skills through assessment and program implementation.

Such life skills include self care skills such as eating, personal care, as well as other daily living skills like meal planning and shopping, money management and many more.