Out of Home Care

iStock_000020603994_LargeElephant in the Room staff are able to provide assessment and intervention to families that are at risk of entering or escalating within the child protection system, providing assessment and intervention on;

  • Understanding developmental and cognitive difficulties, particularly in the areas of;
    • speech and language
    • social skills/pragmatics
    • play
    • relationships and sexualised behaviour
  • Developing functional goals and programming around areas of importance and difficulty
  • Assisting with complex case management
  • Providing service support planning, particularly with children and adolescents with an intellectual disability
  • Provide training, education and support to families and carers on disability
  • Literacy support for children within the child protection system, this includes comprehensive language, reading, writing and spelling assessments to further assist schools and families in offering remedial support for students who have had infrequent or limited access to the education system.