Best practice Positive Behaviour Support incorporates person centred principles. The person should always be viewed positively, their support plan should be built around their strengths and most importantly they should be listened to and included in all aspects of planning.

Person Centred Positive Behaviour Support (PCPBS) teaches direct support workers how to provide people with a disability with opportunities that will enable them to live the best life possible by:

  • Understanding the relationship between the behaviour and communication
  • Understanding the relationship between personal background factors that may influence the behaviour.
  • Learning how to identify proactive strategies – what to do to prevent the behaviour.
  • Identify when a referral is needed to a behaviour support specialist.

At the conclusion of the training participants will have built a profile on a client they work with that has a challenging behaviour. They will have learnt the importance of collecting information and how that information helps to identify strategies to reduce the challenging behaviour. The training provides content for 2 days.